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  • Immediate steps to stop the DMV suspension and reinstatement of client’s
    driving privileges

  • Legal representation at the DMV hearing by an attorney (not a non-lawyer)
    included  in the fee.

  • Blood and urine samples reanalyzed at no additional cost.

  • Complete investigation of all defenses including breathalyzer maintenance  
    and calibration.

  • Insulation from frequent court and DMV appearances unless absolutely

  • Personal attention to the client, including ready access to the attorney and
    prompt response to all calls.

In one night, your whole life can change. Suddenly you are facing a court
appearance, a fight to avoid losing your driver’s license and the embarrassment
and humiliation that go with being accused of a crime. All at once you life may
seem out of control. And sometimes a Butte County DUI arrest is compounded
with other family and personal issues, so it may feel overwhelming at times.

Can I avoid a driver’s license suspension? Do I have to go to jail? Should I hire a
DUI lawyer? Are there defenses to driving under the influence? How much will this
cost? Do I have to take time off from work to make court appearances? How will
this impact my career or family?

The Phillips Law Offices provides cutting edge legal representation to those
facing a Butte County DUI prosecution.

If you or a family member has been arrested and charged with a DUI in Butte
County, rest assured Mr. Phillips and his legal DUI defense team will
put you at
and help you learn about the process, answer all your questions and help
you fully understand your legal options.

At The Phillips Law Offices we strive to make a prospective client feel both
comfortable and confident; and we do our best to alleviate any stress you may
have about the uncertainty of the criminal justice system. More importantly, we
also understand that the typical Butte County DUI client is very different from
other types of criminal clients.

Some have never even had a traffic ticket.

The first step in helping you is the no-cost, no-obligation, initial consultation.
During this phone call or personal visit, we will discuss your situation to determine
the best possible defense. We encourage you to take this first step in resolving
your DUI situation. Please feel to call my office toll-free at
1-800-978-0186 and
ask Laura to schedule a confidential no charge consultation or, if you prefer, e-
mail me from the
"Contact Us" page.

The Phillips Law Offices represents DUI clients in all of Chico and Butte County,
including Biggs, Gridley, Paradise, Oroville, Bangor, Butte Meadows, Durham,
Forest Ranch, Magalia, Nelson, Nord, Palermo, Richvale, Sterling City, and

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